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EISCAT was established in 1975. It is the scientific organisation that conducts research on the lower, middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere using the incoherent scatter radar technique.

Scientific disciplines: Earth Science/Atmospheric Science


The EISCAT Scientific Association exists to provide scientists with access to incoherent scatter radar facilities of the highest technical standard:

  • by developing and operating a continuing program of observatory measurements in cooperation with other ground-based and space-borne instruments and as part of the global network of incoherent scatter radars, the EISCAT Scientific Association seeks to provide a long-term database of ionospheric measurements of the highest quality.
  • by supporting and operating the particular experiments of individual, and groups of, visiting scientists, EISCAT seeks to allow its users to address the widest possible range of research activities particularly in the areas of geospace and basic plasma physics.
  • by providing leadership in the design and construction of hardware and software to support these goals, the EISCAT Scientific Association seeks to provide educational opportunities for young scientists and to foster appropriate Knowledge Transfer and Economic Impact.
  • by developing and maintaining a well-founded science strategy, EISCAT seeks to provide a framework for the development of EISCAT-supported science and for the evaluation and development of scientific programs within the overall field.
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EISCAT Council Members

The EISCAT Council is the governing body of EISCAT Scientific Association and has an overall responsibility for the activities of the Association. The Council consists of a Delegation, with a maximum of three persons from each Associate. A Delegation consists of a Delegate and Representatives. The Delegates are the formal members of Council. The Council and the Association is governed by a set of rules included in the EISCAT BlueBook.

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