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The NCHC plays a leading role in Taiwan’s cloud technology services by integrating high performance computing (HPC), storage, and networking to provide cloud services in storage, big data analysis, and scientific and engineering simulation.

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National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), founded in 1991, is Taiwan’s only national-level supercomputing center. The NCHC plays a leading role in cloud technology that possesses large computing, storage, networking and platform integration, providing the domestic users with the Could Integration Service of High-Performance Computing (HPC), high-quality networking, high-efficiency storage, big data analysis and scientific engineering simulation.

The goal of the NCHC is to become an internationally renowned HPC center that promotes scientific discovery and technological innovation. Since its inception, the NCHC has been dedicated to strengthening Taiwan’s HPC and networking infrastructure. The NCHC has planned and implemented pilot research programs in HPC, cloud computing, as well as big data processing methods and applications. The NCHC provides professional technologies and platform services to academia, government, and industry, and helps to cultivate domestic talent in HPC-related fields.

In order to effectively support Taiwan’s technology research, the NCHC constructed technology R&D platforms to support domestic and foreign R&D teams in developing HPC and big data applications, which cover engineering and science, environmental and disaster prevention, biomedicine, and digital cultural content creation, aiming to become a first-rate High-performance Computing Center.

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