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Sebastian Mieruch


Dr Sebastian Mieruch is a physicist by training and graduated in the field of nonlinear dynamics, complex systems, stochastic processes and time series analysis. I received my PhD in 2009 from the Institute of Environmental Physics in Bremen, Germany. I worked as a climate researcher on global satellite data and model data. I started the development of web applications in 2012 and switched the field fully in 2016 to become a full stack web developer. Since 2021 I am leading a group of computer scientists, mathematicians and natural scientists to develop interactive web applications ( for the online analysis of environmental data. This includes the development of webODV ( together with Prof. Reiner Schlitzer, as well as applications from the field of artificial intelligence ( I am involved in several EU projects (EMODnet, EGI-ACE) which support the operation, maintenance and further development of webODV.