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Yin Chen

Senior Community Support Officer

Yin Chen is a Senior Community Support Officer for, and currently working on a number of projects including, EGI-ACE, EOSC-Future, PITHIA-NRF, TRIPLE. Previously, she was also involved in EOSC-hub, OPERAS-P,  eXtreme DataCloud-XDC, INDIGO DataCloud, ENVRIplus and EGI-Engage. She holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. Her research focuses on large-scale scientific data and metadata management, distributed data e-infrastructure, cloud/grid computing and research infrastructures. Before joined EGI, she worked in the ENVRI project, where she led the development of the ENVRI Reference Model. She has worked for a number of research institutions in the UK, including Cardiff University, Edinburgh University, UK National e-Science Center, EDINA, and the UK Medical Research Council. She has also worked as a system analysis and design expert in the software industry in Japan.

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