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Blue-Cloud 2026

A federated European FAIR and Open Research Ecosystem for oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters

Blue-Cloud 2026

Project Coordinated by CNR (Italy)

Blue-Cloud 2026 aims at a further evolution of this pilot ecosystem into a Federated European Ecosystem to deliver FAIR & Open data and analytical services, instrumental for deepening research of oceans, EU seas, coastal & inland waters. It develops a thematic marine extension to EOSC for open web-based science, serving the needs of the EU Blue Economy, Marine Environment and Marine Knowledge agendas.

Funding Source
Horizon Europe
project budget
EUR 8,996,000
egi budget
EUR 400,687
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation role in the project:

EGI leads the task on “Blue-Cloud VRE interaction with EOSC projects” under WP5, and participates in other tasks, such as:

  • “Vertical expansion: developing and deploying sub-setting services at BDIs and BlueCloud Data Lake” (T2.3)
  • “DTO Taskforce for tuning Blue-Cloud data lakes with DTO developments” (T2.4)
  • “Blue-Cloud VRE evolution of common services and operation” (T5.1)
  • “Blue-Cloud VRE expansion by federating multiple e-infrastructures” (T5.2)
  • “Blue-Cloud VRE interoperation with EOSC core services” (T5.4)
  • Communication and dissemination pathways (T6.1)
  • “Establishing the conditions for a sustained community dialogue” (T7.1)
  • “Developing an exploitation plan for Blue-Cloud’s assets” (T7.2)


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