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Data Monetization, Interoperability, trading and exchange


Project Coordinated by Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI)

DATAMITE empowers European companies by delivering a modular, open-source and multi-domain Framework to improve DATA Monetizing, Interoperability, Trading and Exchange, in the form of software modules, training, and business materials.

The project unleashes the monetization potential at two levels. At internal level, users will have tools to improve quality management of their data, the adherence to FAIR principles, and will be able to upskill on technical and business aspects thanks to the multiple open-source training materials the project will generate. Therefore, data will become trustable and more reliable also in other paradigms like AI. At external level, keeping users in control of their data will provide new sources of revenue and interaction with other stakeholders. The architecture envisioned for DATAMITE enables DIHs sandboxing, becoming a potential instructor on their onboarding of SMEs and low-tech SMEs into the data economy. Together, DATAMITE’s solutions will function as a catalyst to boost data monetization in the European productive fabric.

DATAMITE will validate the results in 3 different use cases with a total of 6 pilots, demonstrating that the Framework is interoperable and usable in different domains and user needs, as: 1) Intra-corporate, multi-domain data exchange; 2) Data trading among Data Spaces; 3) Integration with other initiatives as Data Markets, EU AI-on-demand platform, or DIHs. Sectors covered by the pilots are: agriculture, energy, industrial and manufacturing, and climate.

To achieve this, the project relies on a consortium of 27 partners from 13 countries, bringing together key actors of the Data Value Chain: Data Spaces technical and business stakeholders, multiple key communities (IDSA, Gaia-X, EUHUBS4DATA, AI4EUROPE, EOSC), key experts in
Legal and SSH aspects to guarantee legal and societal compliance, and facilitators on open-source community building and standardisation activities to accelerate the transfer to the market.

Funding Source
EC Horizon Europe
project budget
EUR 11,200,000
egi budget
EUR 471,000
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Industry & SMEs

EGI Foundation role in the project:

EGI co-leads the task on Design and Development of DATAMITE Connectors to EU Portals and Data Markets and participates in all project activities.

Expected results:

The irruption of BigData as a paradigm brought the need of accumulating huge amounts of data to companies, sometimes without a clear purpose. This situation evolved slightly with the boom of data analytics, that aimed at making sense of petabytes of the massive amounts of data stored in data warehouses. Data analysts became, and still are, one of the most demanded profiles in an industry that became model-centric.

Nowadays, the tide is changing. The industry has noticed that it is not that much about having tons of data, but quality data, good data. This has led to the rise of the data engineer as a highly demanded professional, not replacing the data analyst, but complementing it. As stated by Schmarzo, the focus now shifts from the BigData Vs (Volume, Velocity, …) to the Ms of Make Me More Money, or efficient, if we talk about non-profit. This can be achieved through data governance and by providing companies with tools to improve their data quality, enhancing its capabilities of monetizing their data, but also by building networks that allow the exchange, trading and sharing of data, the Data Spaces.

Our goal is devising a modular architecture, especially focused in data governance, quality and sharing aspects, that provides the required tools for different actors, from the small company that needs every tool they can gather to improve their data and share/sell it, passing through the DIH whose goal is to assist and enable these companies, to the big player who already has an infrastructure but lacks the mechanisms to make its data FAIR or to share its data in a Data Space.

In a nutshell, we are going to enable companies to not only collect data, but make it good, monetizable and shareable in federated environments like Data Spaces or Gaia-X as well as facilitating the integration with initiatives like EOSC or AI4EU. 

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