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Digital twins bringing agility and innovation to manufacturing SMEs, by empowering a network of DIHs with an integrated digital platform that enables Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS).


Project Coordinated by PNO Consultants

DIGITbrain is an EU innovation program to give SMEs easy access to digital twins. A Digital Twin is the virtual representation of a product, system or process that simulates its physical attributes in the real-world in real time.

Funding Source
EC Horizon 2020
project budget
egi budget
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type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
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EGI Foundation Role in the Project

EGI will offer technical advice and consultancy to identify the best solutions to get industrial applications up and running on an integrated HPC and cloud platform, with dedicated support mechanisms tailored to users’ needs. This includes serving as a matchmaker for users and the appropriate service provider(s) across the EGI Federation and beyond.

Expected Results:

  • Set-up and operate a HPC/Cloud testbed for the project for helping manufacturing companies to facilitate cost-effective distributed and localized production for manufacturing SMEs
  • Establish collaborations and synergies with DIH

Relevance for EGI:

Reinforce collaboration with SMEs (in the manufacturing domain) and create synergies with the DIHs across Europe to attract national and regional funding, evangelise the manufacturing stakeholders, and enable manufacturing SMEs to co-create and experiment with digital innovations before investing.

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