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Focusing on Open, Collaboration and Useful Science
EOSC Focus

EOSC Focus

Project Coordinated by European Open Science Cloud Association AISBL

EOSC Focus will support the co-programmed EOSC Partnership in delivering its mission of establishing Open Science as the “new normal” and achieving the key objectives, which are outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between the European Union and the EOSC Association (EOSC-A). EOSC Focus is a collaboration of eight Members of EOSC-A and the EOSC Association AISBL itself – the hub of key stakeholders in the European research environment, which provides insights on overarching themes important for the realisation of EOSC. The consortium demonstrates excellent complementarity across the diverse regions and stakeholder groups needed to ensure appropriate coverage of countries and stakeholders.


EOSC Focus will provide an effective EOSC stakeholder forum; consolidate and enhance existing monitoring frameworks; identify strategic gaps to inform future iterations of the SRIA; develop and test resourcing models for a sustainable EOSC; implement the EOSC Rules of Participation; and collaborate with other EOSC-related projects, other partnerships, and international initiatives.


The impact of EOSC Focus will contribute to the increased availability, accessibility, and re-use of data. It will make research results more accessible for citizens; it will increase the quality and outreach of science and thus lead to more results from science and its innovation up-take.

Funding Source
Horizon Europe Framework Programme
project budget
EUR 4,599,653.00
egi budget
EUR 361,500.00
Contract No.
type of project
Policy and coordination
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation Role in the Project

  • WP1 Project Coordination
  • WP3 SRIA Update and Technical Development
    • Task 3.1 Interaction with Advisory Groups (AG) and Task Forces
    • Task 3.2 EC-funded EOSC projects and technical developments
  • WP5 Sustainability of EOSC
    • Task 5.1 Rules of Participation
    • Task 5.3 Resourcing models for EOSC sustainability
    • Task 5.4 Expanding OS collaboration

Expected Results:

To be added!

Relevance for EGI:

Through our work in EOSC Focus, EGI will look at business and resourcing models to support cross-border services and engage expert consultancy to support this activity. The project will enable us to further work on European engagement with research IT services and expansion to the Global Open Science Cloud. Last but not least, we will coordinate Rules of Participation support activity and contribute to work on the sustainability of EOSC, support EOSC Task Forces and updates to the SRIA.