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EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages


Project Coordinated by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research

EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages (EUCAIM) is the cornerstone of the European Commission-initiated European Cancer Imaging Initiative, a flagship of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP), which aims to foster innovation and deployment of digital technologies in cancer treatment and care to achieve more precise and faster clinical decision making, diagnostics, treatment and predictive medicine for cancer patients.

EUCAIM will establish and deploy a pan-European digital federated infrastructure of FAIR pan-cancer anonymized images from Real-World Data, preserving the data sovereignty of providers. Furthermore, it will provide an Experimentation Platform for the development and benchmarking of AI tools toward Precision Medicine in cancer diagnosis and treatment. EUCAIM will address the fragmentation of the existing cancer image repositories by building a distributed atlas of cancer images, including both common and rare types of cancer, from existing initiatives, including related Research Infrastructures’ networks and successful Horizon 2020 projects. EUCAIM will target clinicians, researchers, and innovators, providing the means to build reproducible clinical decision-making systems supporting diagnosis, treatment, and predictive medicine. This Infrastructure will benefit citizens through improved healthcare procedures, and will stimulate the European market through the innovation of new tools and services.

Funding Source
EC + cofunding
project budget
EUR 17,789,829.02
egi budget
EUR 274,990
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation Role in the Project

EGI is contributing to the development of EUCAIM by working on the platform core developments in addition to coordination of cloud resource provisioning; moreover, it contributes to the management of the scientific data in the project.

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