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Next Generation Research Assessment to Promote Open Science


Project Coordinated by Athena Research Center (Greece)

GraspOS brings forward a multidisciplinary consortium to build, federate and operate a digital infrastructure for next generation metrics to support the emerging policy reforms and pave the way towards an Open Science aware Responsible Research Assessment system. With a clear understanding that any successful effort must consider and embed both contemporary guidelines for Responsible Research Assessment, such as DORA and the Leiden Manifesto, and the suggestions from a diversity of relevant stakeholders, GraspOS will develop fit-for-purpose tools and services with the necessary characteristics to accelerate adoption: broad coverage by including multiple types of research results from existing data sources; quality by imposing check and balances with national CRIS; openness by introducing open governance via EOSC processes; novelty by introducing new impact indicators for OS adding on to metrics for excellence; attention to the detail by capturing subtle metrics related to the practice of OS such as timeliness, collaboration, diligence; a mix of automated (AI) and manually curated and annotated metrics.

GraspOS builds upon multiple sources of metric data (e.g., OpenCitations, Scholexplorer, UsageCounts, MakeDataCount) and infrastructure (EOSC, OpenAIRE, CRIS, repositories and monitoring platforms), including capabilities offered by the EOSC Core (AAI, service accounting) and FAIRCORE4EOSC (EOSC/PID Graphs, RaID). Finally, GraspOS foresees a hybrid approach for piloting indicators, tools, services, and infrastructure, engaging three types of actors (research performing organisations, funding organisations, thematic disciplines) in a constant consultation and evaluation of the outcomes

Funding Source
project budget
EUR 2,984,190
egi budget
EUR 227,562.5
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation role in the project:

EGI will contribute to the definition of requirements, metrics, specifications and pilots for the assessment of thematic services and platforms

Relevance for EGI:

Evolve the service offering to meet the needs of researchers: focus on innovation and harmonisation of services by working with user communities and with peer e-infrastructure organisations towards reliable research-enabling services


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