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Integrated Research Infrastructures Bridging the Gap Between Climate Risks and Action


Project Coordinated by Luke (Finland)

IRISCC, with a budget of almost €15 million, is a 54-month project with a mission to bolster society’s capacity to tackle climate change risks and build resilience. It achieves this by offering researchers focusing on climate change risks access to interdisciplinary research platforms and data. IRISCC offers access to complementary and interdisciplinary European and national RIs, encompassing observatories, experimental facilities, advanced modelling tools, and robust data infrastructures.

IRISCC fosters challenge-driven and interdisciplinary research on climate-change-related multi-hazard risks. This empowers informed decision-making, propelling Europe’s adaptation and resilience strategies. The project is committed to open knowledge sharing and wide capacity building and it offers training programs to equip the new generation of researchers with the skills to use these integrated research services for impactful climate change risk research.

Funding Source
project budget
EUR 14,500,000.00
egi budget
EUR 670,937.00
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation role in the project:

EGI is important in IRISCC, acting as the central coordinator for communication, dissemination,  engagement and exploitation (WP1). We are responsible for crafting the project’s communication strategy and ensuring its effective implementation. This includes mapping out key stakeholders, promoting the project’s service catalogue, and managing innovation and exploitation opportunities.

EGI is also crucial in knowledge exchange and user training (WP3). We contribute to developing training modules for climate change risk capacity building, including FitSM training for research infrastructures (RIs) and by providing access to EGI’s training infrastructure, computing and storage environments.

Furthermore, EGI contributes significantly to the project’s integrated knowledge service assessment (WP6) by helping to harmonise access policies and procedures for IRISCC’s digital services. This includes analysing existing AAI services at RIs and facilitating their inclusion in the federated EOSC AAI framework. Additionally, EGI will be involved in formulating and deploying a technical interoperability and FAIRness framework to support the development of integrated IRISCC services.

Finally, EGI strongly collaborates with WP7 ( IRISCC Catalogue of Services), ensuring the efficient development of the front-end interface for the service catalogue, making it user-friendly and accessible.



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