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Preparing open access in the European Research Area through scholarly communication


Project Coordinated by CNRS

OPERAS-P supported the OPERAS Research Infrastructure by furthering the development of the infrastructure in view of achieving the necessary scientific, technical and community maturity.

To achieve OPERAS’ strategic goals, the key objectives of the OPERAS-P project were the following:

  1. Produce the necessary documentation defining OPERAS’ strategy and implementation to support the ESFRI application.
  2. Support the preparation phase of the infrastructure by implementing a legal framework, a governance and support the implementation and coordination of services.
  3. Prepare a long-term, evidence-based strategy for the development of the infrastructure and its services
  4. Ensure outreach and advocacy for open scholarly communication in SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, developing a communication strategy on the infrastructure and supporting the expansion of the consortium, and enhancing innovation for the future of scholarly communication practices in SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES.
project budget
EUR 2 010 539,13
egi budget
EUR 98,143.75
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

Role of EGI in the project:

EGI contributes to the development of community AAI services by integrating Check-In and supports the community to connect with EOSC and the onboarding of OPERAS services with the EOSC portal and EOSC Marketplace. EGI also contributes by enabling the single-sign on service for the OPERAS digital infrastructure, supporting the OPERAS ESFRI application (lead the E-Need analysis), and facilitating the connection with the EOSC.

Expected Results:

  • OPERAS ESFRI application
  • OPERAS digital infrastructure services
  • Connect with EOSC and Onboard OPERAS services with the EOSC portal

Expected Results:

EGI supports the OPERAS community with the ESFRI application, mainly responses for the E-Needs analysis part.

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