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Making data-driven policy management a reality across Europe.


Project Coordinated by ATOS Spain S.A.

PolicyCLOUD aims at delivering an integrated cloud-based environment for data-driven policy management. The environment will provide decision support to public authorities for policy modelling, implementation and simulation through identified populations, enforcement and adaptation.

project budget
EUR 3.998.042
egi budget
EUR 244.167
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation Role:

The main contribution of EGI to the project will be the cloud provisioning and the operation of the computing capabilities for the PolicyCLOUD and coordinate the resulted cloud-based environment for data-driven policy management in EOSC. Moreover, EGI will participate in dissemination and exploitation tasks, and will be involved in the activities related to the market analysis and exploitation, communication and stakeholder engagement, as well as to the road-mapping and impact on adoption.

Expected Results:

  • Set-up a cloud-based infrastructure for data-driven policy management
  • Register services in the EOSC portal

Relevance for EGI:

Contribute to better positioning of EGI in the public domain sector.

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