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Preparation of the AI-on-demand platform


Fraunhofer-Institut für Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme IAIS

Pre-PAI will be the realization of “Preparatory actions for the AI-on-demand platform” (call providing the blueprint for the further development, deployment, and operation of the European AI-on-demand platform, realized in “Deployment of the AI-on-demand platform” (call The project will carry out a comprehensive requirement analysis for different stakeholder groups, mainly SMEs, industrial sectors, and public administration. These requirements analyses will lead to an overall roadmap and plan to build and consolidate the AI-on-demand platform. It includes a comprehensive concept to provide trustworthy AI assets into the platform to support European leadership on trustworthy AI and to offer AI “Made in Europe”

Funding Source
EC Horizon Europe
project budget
EUR 999,916
egi budget
EUR 17,976
Contract No.
type of project
Policy and coordination
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation role in the project:

EGI will contribute to WP2 with support for HPC, Cloud and Edge, and to WP4, where we will work on the strategic engagement with the European AI Ecosystem and connected communities.

Expected results:


The project will deliver:

  1. Roadmap to deploy AI made in Europe, focussing on the requirements and needs of stakeholder groups, requirements for trustworthiness, and technical specifications
  2. Gap Analysis of AI resources for stakeholders (SMEs, public administration, and large industry)
  3. Recommendations for the long-term sustainability for the AI-on-demand platform, including legal aspects, comprehensive business, and governance model


Relevance for EGI:


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