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Developing GoTriple, an innovative multilingual and multicultural discovery platform for the social sciences and humanities (SSH).


Project Coordinated by CNRS

TRIPLE, the European discovery solution, enables researchers to discover and reuse social sciences and humanities data, but also other researchers and projects across disciplinary and language boundaries. It provides all necessary means to build interdisciplinary projects and to develop large-scale scientific missions.

project budget
EUR 5.630.055,00
egi budget
EUR 246.672,50
Contract No.
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation Role:

EGI enables the single-sign on service for TRIPLE services, facilitating the connection with the EOSC, delivering training, and creation of the TRIPLE business models and sustainability plan.

Expected Results:

  • TRIPLE core services and innovation services for SSH scholar and research
  • Connect the community with EOSC, and onboard the TRIPLE services with the EOSC portal
    Training of EOSC technology and services
  • TRIPLE business model and sustainability plan

Relevance for EGI:

EGI supports the SSH community to create core services and innovation services by integration of EGI Check-in services. This is important for EGI to promote services to the SSH community. EGI also contributes to the connection with EOSC, delivery of training, and analysis of the business model with EGI expertise ties and knowledge.