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EGI e-infrastructure - Advanced computing services for science

The EGI Federation is an international e-Infrastructure established in 2010, based on the results of several European projects, to provide advanced computing and data analytics services for research and innovation. EGI federates compute, storage resources, scientific datasets and various digital platforms and data analysis and simulation environments from over 300 international institutes, and makes these available for researchers, public authorities, companies and educators in Europe and worldwide. EGI is an open federation.
This presentation introduces the EGI federation as an aggregator of national capabilities, and will explain the several ways in which scientists, scientific projects, IT service providers and other stakeholders can benefit from the EGI technical and support services. The presentation  covers scenarios in cluster, cloud and HPC computing, distributed computing, containers, big data applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, disciplinary science web gateways, data federations and spaces, scientific reproducibility with Notebooks and Binder.


Giuseppe La Rocca is Community Support Team Lead at EGI Foundation.