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A joint approach to user engagement

Community Coordination

Community Coordination helps the EGI Council members to build sustainable user communities for their e-infrastructure services, managing the engagement process, onboarding and technical support throughout the entire lifecycle.

This service is also available to existing EGI user communities (for example, the Competence Centres) and industrial partners, who can benefit from continued support and expertise during a given project.

Specifically, Community Coordination:

  • Establishes processes to coordinate communication between parties
  • Speeds up the time for resolving problems or getting new services onto the infrastructure
  • Gives communities a platform to influence the evolution of EGI
  • Creates a forum where everyone can share a body of common expertise


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The EGI internal services are provided for the benefit of the EGI Council members and affiliated organisations.

The internal services complement the EGI Services for academia and business with tools designed to facilitate coordination and improve how the EGI Federation works together.

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