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Software Distribution

Publish and access software efficiently across multiple sites

Software Distribution allows Research Communities and Infrastructures to deploy software on worldwide- distributed computing infrastructures used to run data processing applications.


Software Distribution

Our innovative service allows research communities and infrastructures to deploy software on a worldwide distributed computing infrastructure, making it easier and more efficient than ever before.

Main features

Here are the key features and benefits of the Software Distribution:

  • Centrally Managed: Software Distribution allows for centrally managed software  distribution across federated environments
  • Scalable and Reliable: With Software Distribution, you can deliver content with a scalable, reliable, and low-maintenance software and data delivery system, which makes it easy to manage and deliver software to users across distributed infrastructures
  • Flexible: Software Distribution also allows you to make content available as a user-space read-only file system
EGI’s support elevates Biomed’s VIP with a smooth distribution of its software

Biomed is an international Virtual Organisation that supports the Life Sciences community, particularly medical image analysis, bioinformatics, and drug discovery. Its flagship science gateway, the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP), offers researchers access
to multiple applications and vast storage and computing resources. VIP has over 1300 registered users who can access 20 different applications, making it a flexible data processing, analysis, and storage platform. VIP relies on the EGI Software Distribution as part of its production environment to distribute the software needed to process experiment data flexibly, reliably and efficiently.

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Consultancy & Support

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With Software Distribution, you can address these challenges:
Batch computing

Fully managed batch processing in the EGI Infrastructure. EGI Solution.

Interactive computing

Data analytics and visualisation with Jupyter Notebooks. EGI Solution.


Our providers

This service is offered by providers of the EGI Federated HTC Platform


This service is co-funded by the European Commission

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Service documentation

Instructions, manuals and community resources

This documentation focuses on using the service.

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