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Strategy and Policy Development

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Strategy and Policy Development

Strategy and Policy Development supports the EGI Federation to plan strategic activities and monitor execution.

The service also:

  • Supports the EGI Federation with analysis of current themes and policy documents and produces reports for informed decision making.
  • Develops strategic relationships with other organisations on behalf of the EGI Federation and defines collaboration agreements
  • Develops and improves business and governance models suitable for EGI.
  • Supports the business engagement program to strengthen collaboration and innovation activities with the private sector.

The main results of this service are:

  • Joint strategy for the EGI federation
  • Alignment of intent with policymakers
  • Service strategy
  • Establishment of valuable partnerships
  • Stimulation of innovation together with the private sector


EGI Federation Home
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The EGI internal services are provided for the benefit of the EGI Council members and affiliated organisations.

The internal services complement the EGI Services for academia and business with tools designed to facilitate coordination and improve how the EGI Federation works together.

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