Access key scientific datasets in a scalable way

The DataHub allows to:

  • Bring data close to the computing to exploit it efficiently.
  • Publish a dataset and make it available to a specific community or worldwide across federated sites.

The main features offered by the DataHub are:

  • Discovery of data via a central portal.
  • Access to data conforming to required policies which may be:
    • unauthenticated open access;
    • access after user registration or
    • access restricted to members of a Virtual Organization (VO).
  • Access to data via GUI, POSIX, CDMI
  • Replication of data from data providers for resiliency and availability purposes. Replication may take place either on­-demand or automatically.
  • Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) integration between the EGI DataHub and with other EGI components and with user communities existing infrastructure.
  • Metadata and shares management
  • Data import and  data caching based on file popularity
  • Support for many backends ( CEPH, S3, GlusterFS, POSIX, etc)

It is based on the Onedata technology.

You can access the service for evaluation using the PLAYGROUND shared space, or request support to publish your data and have dedicated storage assigned.

TRL 8 Actual system proven in operational environment.

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