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20 years with EGI

Join us in celebrating 20 years of computing with EGI

Welcome to our page dedicated to celebrating 20 years of computing with the EGI Federation, the largest federation of research data centers in the world. EGI has transformed the way infrastructures for data-intensive science are funded and operated, providing researchers from all scientific disciplines with access to cutting-edge scientific computing resources.

We are grateful to research communities, EGI Federation members, European research ministries, DG-CONNECT of the EU Commission, and the European Open Science Cloud initiative for making this possible.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating 20 years with EGI.

To mark this important milestone, we are collecting and gradually releasing a series of articles and interviews that reflect on the EGI Federation’s impact on scientific computing and highlight its achievements over the past two decades. These pieces showcase the importance of the EGI Federation in enabling scientific discovery, the role it has played in the development of the European Open Science Cloud, and the exciting new developments on the horizon.

We hope that these articles and interviews provide insight into the EGI Federation’s history and serve as a celebration of its accomplishments while also highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in scientific computing.


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