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Updated 11/04/2023

2023: a year of success for computing and science

2023 is a year of celebrations for international research communities and the hundreds of data centres participating in the EGI Federation. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EGI federation as a European landmark infrastructure for scientific computing, an initiative conceived in the 90s that transformed forever the way infrastructures for data-intensive science are funded and operated. The EGI infrastructure of today is the largest federation of research data centres in the world, a hyper scale facility made possible by national and European investments by spanning multiple regions of the world to serve more than 84,000 researchers from all scientific disciplines and supporting a research output of more than 1,000 open access publications each year.

Started from DataGrid, a moonshot project funded by the European Commission and led by CERN with the participation of visionary technical architects from all over Europe, today the EGI Federation delivers cross-border access to the HTC, HPC, and Cloud compute capacity of key research centres.

The EGI Federation is firmly embedded in science: hundreds of research data centres participate in the federation to bring data processing and analytics, research data and computing facilities to scientists as an integrated solution. Since 2014 we have been operating a pan-European federated research cloud that aims to integrate scientific analytics tools, research data and the primary research cloud infrastructures in the EU and beyond. The EGI Federated Cloud is developing into a global research and innovation space with exponential usage growth.

We are grateful to research communities, EGI Federation members, European research ministries, DG-CONNECT of the EU Commission, and the European Open Science Cloud initiative for making this possible.

Come to EGI 2023, 19-23 June, Poznan, to celebrate with us!


This content was originally published on LinkedIn. 

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