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EGI-ACE project at the EGI 2022 Conference

Together for Tomorrow

From September 19th to 23rd, the EGI community has finally met in real life again for #EGI2022, our flagship event supported by the EGI-ACE project. 


Hosted by CESNET in Prague, more than 250 delegates gathered for a packed conference labelled ‘Together for Tomorrow”; not an empty tagline, but a guiding principle to how we built our programme – with a focus on our community, the ways we collaborate and support each other. 

Additionally, almost 70 speakers and participants joined us virtually for dedicated sessions. 

EGI-ACE at the EGI2022 Conference

The conference hosted several sessions promoting the EGI-ACE services, explaining the project concept and its value for open science and demonstrating the impact of the provided services. The sessions also gathered the input and requirements from the users, which will allow us to advance our services further.

Wednesday sessions

On Wednesday, we met at the session focusing on Compute continuum for Open Science summarising the achievements of EGI-ACE, the EGI-ACE Lightning talks session focusing on Technologies for a Compute Continuum and Compute continuum use cases.

In the afternoon, the conference attendees had a chance to listen to our Integrated High-Performance Compute services for national and international customers and to lightning talks focusing on the EOSC Compute Platform that also continued on Thursday.

Thursday sessions

Last day of the conference hosted another set of sessions where EGI-ACE was mentioned, including a session focusing on Services, Processes, Policies for federated delivery of Open Science Resources – EGI contributions to the EOSC-Core, and a session discussing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a session organised jointly by EGI-ACE, together with AI4PublicPolicy, StairwAI, LETHE, iMagine.

Social events sponsored by EGI-ACE

EGI-ACE also co-sponsored the Opening Reception of the conference, a memorable event that, after a long time, offered an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, network and plan future collaborations.

We would like to thank for receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 101017567.

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