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EGI and Latitudo 40 Forge Partnership

Exciting News! EGI has signed a Service Level Agreement with Latitudo 40, bringing advanced Cloud Compute and Check-in services to the table. The collaboration was initiated through the EUHubs4Data project 


Who is Latitudo 40?

Founded in 2017 by 4 space industry experts and image analysis gurus, Latitudo 40  has combined the 20 years of experience of the “aged” founders to the multidisciplinary and young team, which has grown to over 10 people. The team now has artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing experts, UIX specialists and business development professionals. Latitudo’s vision is to give easy access to satellite images for everyone.

More about Latitudo40: 


Cloud Compute and Check-in Services

EGI proudly provides Latitudo 40 with powerful Cloud Compute and Check-in services. These services open doors to enhanced capabilities, scalability, and seamless access to computational resources for diverse applications.


Advanced  Services for AI 

In particular,  Cloud Compute services include access to GPU nodes, which will be used for ML training and inference in the context of the EUHubs4Data experiment AICH, where Latitudo 40 is building an Artificial  Intelligence Platform for a Carbon Market Hub. 


Why It Matters

This partnership showcases the synergy between EGI’s expertise in delivering advanced computing services and Latitudo 40’s drive for technological innovation. The combined efforts will undoubtedly drive research, innovation, and business growth.


Relevant project & supporting expert at EGI

Andrea Manzi is a Data Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation.