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EOSC-hub project is favourably evaluated

Updated 26/07/2017
The proposal for the EOSC-hub project submitted as a Research Innovation Action to the H2020-EINFRA-12-2017(a) call has been successfully reviewed by the European Commission. The project is expected to start in early 2018. The consortium will be led by the EGI Foundation and bring together 74 beneficiaries including Research Infrastructures, national e-Infrastructure providers, SMEs and academic institutions. EOSC-hub builds on existing technology already at TRL 8 and addresses the need for interoperability by promoting the adoption of open standards and protocols. By mobilising e-Infrastructures comprising more than 300 data centres worldwide and 18 pan-European infrastructures, this project is a ground-breaking milestone for the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud. The result will be an integrated catalogue of services, software and data from the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud and major research e-Infrastructures. The consortium will now prepare the grant agreement.