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FitSM Updates 2021

EGI Foundation delivers more than 1000 FitSM Certifications!

The EGI Foundation has been delivering FitSM and ISO27k training commercially since 2015. FitSM is a free and lightweight standards family aimed at facilitating service management in IT service provision,

After a total of 85 training courses, the EGI Foundation reached the milestone of 1000 certifications delivered in November 2021. We are very proud of this achievement and the positive feedback we have gotten from the participants and looking forward to continuing to offer value to our community and to improve professional service delivery across Europe.

The main goals of FitSM are:
Create a clear, pragmatic, lightweight and achievable standard that allows for effective IT service management (ITSM).
Offer a version of ITSM that can cope with federated environments, which often lack the hierarchy and level of control seen in other situations.
Provide a baseline level of ITSM that can act to support ‘management interoperability’ in federated environments where disparate or competing organisations must cooperate to manage services.

EGI Trainer Network

In order to meet current demand while supporting the scaling of FitSM training, EGI is establishing a trainer network programme that is enabled by our partnership with certification authority APMG International. The two models available are for “associated trainers” who have already been accredited by APMG with their own quality management system, who can establish an agreement with EGI to provide training courses. The other is called an “affiliate” where the organisation isn’t a formally accredited training organisation or having its own quality management system can re-use EGI’s established framework, delivering courses on its behalf with the sole required that the individual trainer has been certified with the relevant credentials. This latter model is foreseen to be the most attractive for the EGI federation members who are interested in providing local training.  If you are interested in becoming a certified FiTSM trainer, let us know and we will invite you to a dedicated webinar planned in the first half of 2022.


FitSM-1 Version 3.0 Edition 2021 – Now in Pre-Release

The first major update released by the FitSM Working Group as part of the non-profit IT Education Management Organisation (ITEMO) who hosts the FitSM licence and charged with maintaining the standard went into pre-release early this year. You can download it here. Though no structural changes have been implemented, the majority of changes were general language improvements across all processes, as well as alignment with ISO/IEC 20000 updated version, v2018. Many of the changes resulted from direct feedback during training courses. Work will continue into 2022 to now align with the training material and exam questions to start to certify individuals with V3.0.

Organisational Certification

Until now, FitSM has been delivering “personal” certifications only. The FitSM Working Group, as part of ITEMO, has developed a scheme in partnership with certification authority APMG International, to pilot an “organisation level” certification. Following a standard evaluation of maturity against FitSM-1 requirements will lead to 2 potential levels: 

  • FitSM Essentials: entry level certification verifying that the initial key processes have reached full maturity with varying capability levels for other processes.
  • FitSM Plus: highest level certification demonstrating that all FitSM-1 requirements have reached full maturity with only minor exceptions.

This tiered approach to both training and certification offers a degree of flexibility for individuals and organisations as they progress along the standardisation pathway.


Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash