FitSM Training

Learn how to manage IT services with a pragmatic and lightweight standard

With FitSM Training you will learn the fundamentals of IT service management and how to implement FitSM in your organisation through a combination of lessons and examples.

FitSM is a lightweight standard for IT service management. It brings order and traceability with simple, practical support and provides a common conceptual and process model setting out realistic requirements.

The training programme is structured in three levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert.

With FitSM training you can:

  • Increase your expertise in managing IT services
  • Raise your professional profile by a recognised certification

EGI offers two types of training courses that can be requested:

  • Open Registration: open for individual registrations and organised at a pre-determined date and location.
  • In-House: for organisations needing several members of staff to be trained. The date and location of the training are mutually agreed.

TRL 9 Actual system proven in operational environment.

I learned how to implement FitSM in an IT organisation and gained from the benefits the framework provides for efficient service management.Pavel Weber, KIT

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