The EGI call for COVID-19 research projects is now open

About the call

Accelerating progress on COVID-19 research

As the coronavirus, and its related consequences, spread across the globe, EGI and Open Science Grid (OSG) in the USA are joining forces to commit specialized technical support, specialized simulation tools, and compute and storage resources, to accelerate progress on COVID-19 research. 

The EGI Federation brings together hundreds of research data centres at research institutes and national and international laboratories in Europe, Africa, the Asia Pacific region, Canada and Latin America, who collaborate to support advanced data-driven research projects. The EGI Federation includes the largest research cloud federation in Europe, with over 20 research cloud providers connected from across the whole continent. 

The OSG facilitates access to distributed high throughput computing for US based researchers and their international collaborators. Researchers can submit batch jobs from their home institutions, or receive accounts on OSG supported submit points, to run simulations or analyze data across more than 100 clusters, HPC centers, and commercial cloud providers.

By joining their efforts EGI and OSG are opening their infrastructures to respond together to computational and data intensive COVID-19 research projects.

Open access: all project outputs, data and related publications are required to be made accessible based on the FAIR principles. For more information please consult the COVID-19 Data Portal and the guidance document for H2020 projects supporting COVID-19 research.

EGI and OSG encourage COVID-19 research projects to apply to this call and take advantage of:

  • sponsored access to computing and storage facilities of EGI and OSG to perform high-performance simulations and data analytics
  • support from cloud, compute and data architects to port scientific applications and datasets to EGI compute and storage resources
  • catalogue of ready-to-use, pre-configured virtual machine images that can run on any of the federated EGI cloud centres
  • Jupyter notebook and other interfaces to access scientific data and to define, run and refine data analysis code and workflows

By applying to the call you can access:

Who should apply

Scientific COVID-19 research projects

Scientific institutes, projects and teams addressing COVID-19 research. By applying to the call, the applicants will receive direct technical support, compute capacity and tools to speed up their research tasks.

How to apply

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Applicants are requested to provide the following information using the application form.

  • Principal Investigator
  • Scientific goals and objectives
  • Requested services and support
  • Applications and data sets
  • Expected timeline
  • Additional requirements
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