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EOSC Symposium 2023

Find EGI at booth #5

From 20-22 September 2023, the extended EOSC community will come together in Madrid, Spain.
EOSC Symposium 2023 will be organised by EOSC Future, together with the EOSC Tripartite collaboration (the EOSC Association, the EOSC Steering Board and the European Commission) in the context of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
This year's subtheme is "Paving the way for a European Data Space for Science, Research and Innovation".
Last year’s event, which took place in Prague on 14-17 November 2022, marked the EOSC Symposium’s return as an in-person event with over 400 participants.

This year, the event will be fully hybrid, facilitating broader in–person and online exchanges between stakeholders from ministries, policymakers, research organisations, service providers, research e-infrastructures and research communities from across Europe and beyond.

Where to meet us

EGI booth

At booth number 5, we will present the EGI services for Research and the activities we do to support the development of EOSC, as well as our key projects contributing to EOSC. The services and expertise of the EGI Federation are being recognised as key assets for the EOSC, especially for the Federating Core. EGI supports the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and is contributing to the EOSC Compute Platform, key components of the EOSC Federating core, service portfolio & new service onboarding, EOSC Digital Innovation Hub, user support actions, and EOSC Taskforce support. These elements will be presented at the booth, and participants can engage in discussions with the key EGI people supporting the development. In addition, we will present the key results and impact of the EGI-ACE project.

EOSC Core and Federation: state of the art, Wednesday 20/09 at 2 PM CEST

In this session, our colleagues Mark Dietrich and Diego Scardaci will present an overview of the EOSC Platform's developments and the service federation's status. They will also address what's up for the next generation of the EOSC Core to be further enhanced and evolved in EOSC Beyond. Don't miss this session if you want to know more about the plans for the EOSC Core, hear from first-hand experiences in the EOSC Federation, learn about the EOSC Platform and how it supports revolutionising research, and get insights into EOSC evolution.
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Financial Models for EOSC post 2027, Wednesday 20/09 at 4 PM CEST

A presentation of the outcomes of the work of the EOSC Association's Task Force on Financial Sustainability will feature Dale Robertson with a focus on stakeholders' feedback and what has been taken into account in preparing the task force's final report.
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EOSC Marketplace, Wednesday 20/09 at 5.10 PM CEST

Focusing on the contribution provided by the INFRAEOSC07 projects to the EOSC Marketplace, this session will feature Catalin Condurache explaining the services onboarding process to the EOSC Exchange. Moreover, Smitesh Jain and Sebastian Luna Valero will participate in the panel discussion offering insights on the lessons learnt by the INFRAEOSC-07 in the service provision process.
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Unconference: Trust in Sharing Sensitive Data, Thursday, 21/09 at 3:40 CEST

Mark Dietrich will tackle how EOSC can adopt good domain practices, emphasising the importance of trust and the organisational framework.
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By the way, did you see that EGI is launching a working group on Trusted Research Environments?

Unconference: Why are Public Authorities not (yet) a relevant user group for EOSC, and what can we do to foster this? Thursday, 21/09 at 5 PM CEST

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Unconference: Digital twins and EOSC, Thursday, 21/09 at 5 PM CEST

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You will find EGI colleagues in both of the above unconference sessions; join them if you're interested in understanding a) how public authorities can benefit from closer participation in EOSC or b) how Digital Twins can support research.