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FCT-FCCN is the unit for scientific computing of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

FCT supports the scientific community in Portugal through a range of funding schemes, tailored for individual scientists, research teams or R&D centres. Through its funding schemes, FCT supports graduate education, research and development, establishment and access to research infrastructures, networking and international collaborations, conferences and meetings, science communication and interactions with industry. Scientists from all nationalities, and in any research area, may apply to FCT for funding.

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INCD – National Distributed Computing Infrastructure is a digital infrastructure supporting research, approved within the framework of the strategic research infrastructures of the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). INCD provides computing and storage services to the national scientific and academic community in all areas of knowledge. The infrastructure is especially dedicated to provide scientific calculation services, supporting researchers and participation in national and international projects.

INCD includes the following organisations:

  • LIP
  • FCT
  • LNEC

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