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Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – BAS is the coordinating entity of NCHDC.

The National Center for High-performance and Distributed Computing (NCHDC) provides computing resources and software services for research and innovation to the individual researchers and scientific groups in Bulgaria.

The main objective of the NCHDC is to provide stable and reliable services in a sustainable way, in the long term, with maximum flexibility, exceptional cooperativity and understanding of users from different disciplinary fields, which pose problems specific to them and need support for the use of electronic infrastructure. This is an extremely difficult task requiring experienced, highly knowledgeble and motivated e-Infrastructure specialists in order to match the NCHDC infrastructure to modern hardware and software developments.

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NCHDC (National Centre for high performance and distributed computing)

  • Institute of Organic Chemistry with Center for Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Technical Universify of Gabrovo
  • National rnstitute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Sofia *St. Kl. Ohridski”
  • Institute of Molecular Biology “Roumen Tsanev”, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMB-BAS)

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