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SoBigData RI PPP

The SoBigData RI Preparation Phase Project (PPP) is the preparatory phase of the SoBigData RI in the ESFRI RoadMap 2021.
SoBigData RI PPP

SoBigData RI PPP

Project Coordinated by CNR

The SoBigData RI PPP will advance the RI from simple awareness of ethical and legal challenges in social mining to the development of concrete tools that operationalise ethics with value-sensitive design, incorporating values and standards for privacy protection, fairness, transparency, and pluralism.

project budget
EUR 3.222.266,25
egi budget
EUR 440.625
Contract No.
type of project
Policy and coordination
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation Role:

EGI leads Work Package 6 ‘Services Provision’, which collects information about the services that the RI can provide and creates a plan for a unified single access point RI, including access policies for the distributed resources.

EGI also contributes to the development of the financial aspect of the future RI, defines the business cases and the cost book (WP3), supports the strategy and enhance the impact of the RI (WP4), contributes to the Dissemination and Communication plans (WP5), and to the creation of the Italian central Hub for the preparation phase (WP8).

Expected results:

  • Model and define the ERIC legal entity.
  • Prepare the financial and legal aspects for both central hub and national nodes.
  • Produce and review a Business Plan for long-term sustainability.
  • Engineer, plan, and optimise technical infrastructure.
  • Define strategies for services design, community involvement and partnerships with third parties.

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