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Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

In EGI, LIP is represented by FCT and INCD. LIP is the reference institution for experimental particle physics and associated technologies in Portugal; it supports several EGI services and is an active partner in many projects.


LIP’s mission is research in the field of experimental particle physics and associated instrumentation, facilitating the Portuguese scientific community’s access to international scientific facilities and collaborations. At the core of our mission are advanced computing, the training of scientific and technical personnel, and the dissemination of science. As part of the transfer of knowledge and technology to society, new opportunities are also being explored in areas such as medicine and the information society.

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ACOnet Partners

LIP has been an Associate Laboratory of FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology), which represents Portugal in the EGI Council.

LIP is the reference institution in Portugal for the connection to CERN, the European Laboratory of Particle Physics . Participation in the CERN program is a fundamental pillar of the institution. LIP also has partnerships with several international scientific infrastructures and with numerous universities and centers. It also participates in several national and international scientific computing infrastructures. LIP is a partner of Agência Ciência Viva for the promotion of scientific and technological culture in Portugal. He is also a collective member of the Portuguese Physics Society .

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