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The High-Performance Computing Center of the University of Lille (UNIV-LILLE) has joined the group of EGI Federated Cloud resource providers. The computing centre was founded in 2000 and comprises three platforms: a HPC/HTC cluster, an OpenStack cloud, and storage for scientific data. The computing resources are provided to the University of Lille academic community and count about 370 active users working on chemistry, mechanics, bioinformatics, humanities and social sciences, computer science research, and many others. UNIV-LILLE cloud is integrated in France Grilles, the national e-Infrastructure for research in France. Now, the UNIV-LILLE OpenStack cloud will add 48 physical cores and 576 GB memory to the total capacity of the EGI Federated Cloud.

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France Grilles aims at building and operating a multidisciplinary national Distributed Computing Infrastructure open to all sciences and to developing countries. This DCI should become an open space for collaborations within and across disciplines and organizations. France Grilles was created in 2010 as a Scientific Interest Group by 8 organizations including the French ministry of Research and Higher Education.

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