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A South African – European Union Federated Cloud: Toward a South African Open Science Cloud


The proposed dialogue builds upon the recommendations of the SA Open Science Framework. The outputs of this dialogue will include a set of policy-based recommendations for an actionable implementation plan for the SAOSC. Guidelines and principles on critical aspects such as governance and management, resourcing, policies, monitoring and evaluation, and technologies enabling Open Science will be addressed in this dialogue. This dialogue will give effect to some of the recommendations of the SA-EU Open Science Framework, with the outcomes of a policy framework and strategy for effectively deploying an Open Science Cloud in South Africa that builds upon the best practices and experience of the EOSC, and opens up a roadmap for a larger African Open Science collaboration.

egi budget
EUR 8800
type of project
Research and innovation
Target Group
Policy makers

EGI Foundation role in the project:

Deployment and operation of a FAIR federated data repository, promoting enhanced exploitation of project outputs (data and results). Providing expertise in order to formulate a strategy regarding data preservation.

  • Implement DataHub
  • Implement Data preservation service

Expected Results:


Relevance for EGI:


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