EGI-ACE Call for Use Cases

The EGI-ACE Horizon 2020 project delivers the ‘EOSC Compute Platform’, a distributed federated compute infrastructure that serves users of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). EGI-ACE (EGI Advanced Computing for EOSC) builds on the pan-european EGI e-infrastructure federation and provides various types of infrastructures, platforms and software services from publicly funded compute centres, commercial service providers and research communities with pan-European relevance. 

With this call for use cases the EGI-ACE project offers access to infrastructure and platform services, dedicated user support and training. The services, support and training are sponsored by the European Commission and various national funding agencies and are free to access to the use cases that will be selected through the call.  

Who should apply

The target audience of this call are international researchers, research projects, communities and infrastructures, as well as national research groups who need services and support for:

  • Large-scale data processing, scientific analysis, visualisation 
  • Hosting data analysis platforms and applications in the cloud to offer them for international use cases 
  • Federate and make accessible community-specific compute services in EOSC

Applications for the call are welcomed from academic or industrial researchers at any level, from postgraduate students to the most senior researchers, who are working on or support non-proprietary research in any discipline where access to compute facilities is beneficial. Projects and research infrastructures that do not have access to similar facilities are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be working in a research institute based in an eligible country (i.e. any EU member state or Associated State), OR must be submitted on behalf of a research project/experiment/collaboration that includes partners from eligible countries.

Note that applicants are NOT eligible for visits to the centres involved in this action.

The offering

The project offers compute and storage resources, compute platform services, data management services and related user support and training through this call. Majority of the services are sponsored (pre-paid) for the users by the European Commission and by national funding agencies. Some of the services are offered by commercial entities on a pay-for-use basis. 

The total capacity that EGI-ACE makes available through the call between 2021-2023 is 80 Million CPU hours, 250,000 GPU hours and 20 PB storage. Additional resources are allocated to applicants through national compute centres and companies that participate in EGI-ACE.  

The portfolio of services offered to applicants include:


  • The call was opened in March 2021 and is kept open during 2021 and 2022. 
  • Submissions can be made any time following the below instructions (see ‘Submit use case’).
  • There are cut-off dates with 2-monthly frequency, each followed by the evaluation of the applications that were submitted up to that date. 
  • Next cut-off date: 15th of December.
  • Evaluation and notification is within 1 month after the cut-off date.
  • Selected use cases can use resources immediately after the notification.

Submit use case

Applicants are requested to provide the following information:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Goals and objectives of the use case (scientific and computing objectives separately)
  • Beneficiaries of the use case and expected impact (incl. contribution to Open Access and FAIR)
  • Description of the technical environment that is already used. (grids, cloud computing, HPC, data storage, data repositories, data management systems, data discovery services, etc.) 
  • Description of the requested services and support (with as much details as possible – topics, functionalities, capacity, location, etc.)
  • Scientific applications, platforms and datasets to be used in the context of the use case
  • Expected timeline for implementation and use
  • Additional requirements

Submissions can be made either online using the below application form, or in email ( using this template.

Online form to submit your use case.


For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: