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Joint paper

EOSC – a tool for enabling open science in Europe

The paper is a collaborative effort from the European e-infrastructures EGI, EUDAT, GEANT, OpenAire and the science clusters ENVRI-FAIR, EOSC-Life, ESCAPE, PANOSC, SSHOC to provide a common statement on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

SRIA defines important action items to ensure rapid progress on the construction of EOSC.

The common statement focuses on the following points that can be integrated into the EOSC roadmap and outlines the commitment on working together to make EOSC a success:

  • Research-oriented services: our vision is an EOSC which is an inclusive and federated ecosystem based on FAIR data and other open science outputs, integrating many services such as data visualisation, analysis and physical resources to store and re-use data for open science.
  • Trust based open access: using EOSC services must be easy, with low barriers and transparent access mechanisms. Similarly, contributions to EOSC should not be subjected to overly complex regulation.
  • Collaboration support: the EOSC user communities, service providers and governance must closely work together to ensure that EOSC is capable of adapting to innovative emerging needs.
  • Sustainability: the EOSC must have sustainable funding from the relevant authorities, particularly the member states, allowing for long-term service provisioning, data preservation, and concrete support.

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