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EGI2023: Thursday

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Updated 04/05/2023

Day 3 is the last one of #EGI2023. The plenary "Making Space for Data" will explore research and business data and discuss how we bring them together with players from the Data Spaces landscape. By joining it, you will have the opportunity to go through the evolution of the concept of data and of its crucial importance in all sectors.

During the day, you'll be able to attend sessions on the EGI Digital Innovation Hub (EGI DIH), learn about Exploitation Planning ánd Distributed Computing Technologies for Public Authority Services (with DECIDO, AI4PublicPolicy and EOSC Future), and Digital Twins for Science (hosted by interTwin). The CS3MESH4EOSC  (ScienceMesh) project is hosting a workshop, as well as the EuroScienceGateway project.

Learn about trusted environments to process sensitive data, how Data Spaces should be goverened, discover the EGI contribution to EOSC Future, Federation Management Solutions, and how Polish Data Repositories contribute to EOSC.

Closing the day (and for some, the conference), why not embark on one of our city walks and discover the beautiful city of Poznań, and its many, many restaurants and bars?

Session overview

Business models, governance and sustainability

Two sessions will cover the topic:

  • EGI DIH, an overview of the status and future evolution of the EGI i-Space.
  • Exploitation Planning for Public Authority Services, that will address the sustainability perspective of the use cases developed in the framework of the Data Driven Policy Cluster
Digital Twins

Digital Twins for Science (hosted by the interTwin project) will present the challenges and the design of the first Digital Twins solutions; it will also include a panel to discuss commonalities and synergies.

interTwin will have their project (closed) meeting on the topic of Digital Twins, too.

Data Analytics Platforms

The session “Trusted Environments for the Processing of Sensitive Data” will explore solutions and architectures for Trusted Research Environments. Additionally, the session will focus on EGI services and on the possibilities to create predefined cross-border TRE service within the EGI community for project purposes

  • EOSC Platform – Highlighting EGI contribution to EOSC Future will present an overview of some of the services developed in the framework of EOSC Future
  • Polish Data repositories for EOSC will include  presentations of application use cases from
    different science disciplines and presentation of the data services provided via NDS (National Data Storage) platform.
  • Distributed computing technologies and EOSC Services will address the challenges and solutions offered to public authorities with EOSC services
Community Events

EuroScienceGateway: an open infrastructure for data-driven research will present the EuroScienceGateway (ESG) project, its collaboration with the EOSC and Galaxy to provide a user-friendly scientific workflow and data integration platform

Data Spaces

Following the opening plenary, the session Data Spaces: governance consultation will cover additional aspects of Data Spaces with experiences from projects.

Federated compute continuum

Federation management solutions will present the status and technical roadmaps of the ‘Federation management solutions’ that the EGI federation relies on to integrate distributed resources and services into a Pan-European and Global infrastructure.

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