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EOSC Winter School 2024

Thessaloniki, Greece | 29 January - 1 February 2024

The EOSC Winter School is an initiative by the EOSC Association, taken up in response to collaboration needs among Horizon Europe EOSC-related projects.

EOSC Winter School 2024

The EOSC Winter School was conceptualised following a suggestion at the European Commission’s June coordination meeting, which identified a significant collaboration gap in the Horizon Europe (HE) EOSC-related projects.

The EOSC Association, with the support of the EOSC Focus project, the HE EOSC-related projects, and local organisers from the RAISE project consortium, have organised the EOSC Winter School to address these gaps and to deepen technical understanding in various “opportunity areas”.

EGI at the EOSC Winter School 2024

Notably, our colleagues, Diego Scardaci, Technical Solutions Lead at EGI and Co-chair of the EOSC Technical Interoperability of Data and Services Task Force, and Dale Robertson, Senior Strategy and Innovation Officer and Co-chair of the EOSC Financial Sustainability Task Force, will actively participate in the event, representing the EGI Foundation.

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