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Empowering minds, accelerating discoveries: celebrating the EGI-ACE journey of success

To pursue the goal of broadening the demand for the EOSC across diverse sectors, EGI-ACE has set up an open call system that has enabled various communities from all over the world to participate and apply for sponsored, free-at-the-point-of-use services. These include access to excellent infrastructure and platform services, personalised user support, and comprehensive training programmes.

Right at the start of EGI-ACE, the project has launched a promotional campaign to encourage participation in the open call. To further increase the user base, that campaign reached out to potential new scientific communities, European Union-funded projects, and Research Infrastructures interested in Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning technologies and big data analytics. Some Communities and Research Infrastructures joined EGI-ACE before the launch of the open calls, acting as early bird service adopters.

As a result of this ongoing campaign, EGI-ACE has received 47 scientific applications through 11 open calls since 2021 and in total, 144 scientific use case applications were supported from different scientific areas, helping to increase the user base of the EOSC Compute Platform.


After almost 30 months, EGI-ACE has enabled various success stories demonstrating how EGI members have leveraged their expertise and capabilities to provide optimal support to research communities through the EGI service portfolio. These success stories are powerful narratives that showcase tangible examples of how EGI-ACE has facilitated groundbreaking research. They highlight the substantial contributions of the EGI Federation in promoting scientific discovery and innovation.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the available success stories up to the present moment.

Success stories in Climate Research

EGI-ACE Early Adopter

Success stories in Earth Sciences

Success stories in Environmental Sciences

Success stories in Health and Medicine

Success stories in Physics

Success stories in Social Sciences and Humanities

EGI-ACE Early Adopter

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Success Stories

A collection of the success stories from research communities using EGI-provided services.


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