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Elevating FAIR data analytics in EOSC: EGI’s SLA with EuroScienceGateway


EGI is thrilled to announce the latest Service Level Agreement (SLA) established with the Horizon Europe project EuroScienceGateway, providing top-notch Cloud Compute, Storage, Workload Manager and Check-in services to extend the available computing resources of the platform.

What is EuroScienceGateway

EuroScienceGateway will leverage a distributed computing network across 13 European countries, accessible via six national, user-friendly web portals, facilitating access to compute and storage infrastructures across Europe as well as to data, tools, workflows and services that can be customised to suit researchers’ needs. EuroScienceGateway will deliver a robust, scalable, seamlessly integrated open infrastructure for data-driven research, contributing an innovative and customisable service for EOSC that enables operational open and FAIR data and data processing, empowering European researchers.

The services offered

EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Online Storage and EGI Check-in enable researchers to deploy and scale virtual machines on demand thanks to guaranteed computational resources in the cloud. In the context of EuroScienceGateway we demonstrate how to connect compute and storage resources in the EGI Federated Cloud with the platform, following a Bring Your Own Compute (BYOC) and Storage (BYOS) approach.

On the other hand, EGI Workload Manager will bring advanced scheduling of user workloads generated on the platform into the distributed infrastructure.

Why it matters

This collaboration between EGI and EuroScienceGateway is pivotal for the advancement of FAIR data analytics with Galaxy in EOSC across life sciences, climate and biodiversity, astrophysics, materials science and beyond. By offering state-of-the-art computing, storage, workload management and authentication services, it significantly enhances the capabilities of researchers working on multidisciplinary projects. This partnership highlights the importance of robust, scalable, and accessible infrastructure in driving innovation and progress in the digital age of research.

Get in touch

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