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Updated 11/11/2022

Launch of the New Horizon Europe Project TANGO

trustworthy data management

37 leading European organisations including EGI join forces in new TANGO project

37 leading European organisations join forces to provide a trustworthy data management solution for combining greater control and sharing of data

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Relaunching the economy after major financial, geopolitical and health crises demands boosting innovation through improved services and products. Data-driven innovation is crucial across many sectors, expected to contribute 6,2% of GDP by 2030 under the best scenario. And the greatest part of the benefits will come not from internal data processing but from sharing data with those individuals and companies who can make the best use of it.

With its recent regulations, such as the Data Governance Act and the Data Act, the European Commission has developed a suitable regulatory framework that balances data sharing, data protection and data sovereignty. What is needed now is suitable technology and business solutions.


To cope with this issue, 37 leading organisations join forces in the Horizon Europe project TANGO (Digital Technologies ActiNg as a Gatekeeper to information and data flOws) precisely with this goal. TANGO’s consortium will develop digital solutions and data governance frameworks that ensure data sovereignty, trust, transparency, and environmental sustainability in the digital economy. The consortium meets for the first time in Madrid (ES) hosted by the coordinator, Atos Spain, and can count on a multidisciplinary and excellent ensemble of organisations bringing together long-standing expertise on an astonishing variety of fields and industries (universities and research centres, big and small industries, technology leaders, innovation facilitators) which will be essential to demonstrate TANGO’s results across society.<\br>

TANGO will build a one-of-its-kind platform, which provides a trustworthy data management and sharing platform deployed in federated, distributed, multi-cloud environments ensuring data sovereignty, governance and provenance for public/private organisations while empowering citizens to get control of their data.

Specifically, TANGO will establish stronger cross-sector data sharing, in a citizen-centric, secure and trustworthy manner, by developing innovative solutions while addressing environmental degradation and climate change challenges. The overall outcome is a novel platform exhibiting the following capabilities: user-friendly, secure, trustworthy, compliant, fair, transparent, accountable, and environmentally sustainable data management, having at its core technology components for distributed, privacy-preserving and environmentally sustainable data collection, processing, analysis, sharing and storage. This platform will promote trustworthy and digitally enabled interactions across society for people and businesses. TANGO will leverage the power of emerging digital technologies to strengthen the privacy of citizens and private/public organisations, reduce costs and improve productivity. It will unlock the innovation potential of digital technologies for decentralised, privacy-preserving applications while making accessible and demonstrating this potential within the Gaia-X and EOSC ecosystem.

TANGO partners

EGI's role in the project

EGI will contribute to WP 1, 2, 4 and 8.

The majority of our contribution to the project comes together in WPS 2 and 8.

In WP2, we will contribute to an understanding of the end-users and industry players by formalising the needs and requirements of various actors and stakeholders in the sector, identifying the functional requirements by collecting the user requirements and specifications and translating them into technical requirements and system specifications. We will help to identify and design the APIs specifications and follow a security-and-privacy-by-design approach and deliver the project’s architecture, embedding integrity, confidentiality and availability in the TANGO platform.

We will also contribute o WP8, where we will support the project’s dissemination, communication and branding. And last but not least, we will formulate Policy recommendations on Distributed Infrastructures, Secure Data Exchange & Data Spaces.

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