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EGI services will power the ENVRI-hub

State of the Environment
EGI has recently signed a new Service Level Agreement with the ENVRI-FAIR, a cluster project representing the environmental research infrastructures

ENVRI-hub will be a central gateway to environmental data and services offered by the European environmental research infrastructures.


Each of the Research Infrastructures working in the ENVRI-FAIR Science Cluster gathers and manages a wealth of environmental data and model results. They are divided into four subdomains: Atmosphere, Marine, Solid Earth and Biodiversity / Ecosystems. The environmental Research Infrastructures in the ENVRI cluster thus represent the Earth system in its full complexity.

As part of ENVRI-FAIR, they are working together on assessing and improving the FAIRness of their Research Infrastructures. They aim at making the data and associated services easily discoverable and accessible, thus as open as possible. Simply, they apply FAIR practices for achieving interoperability and reusability of the datasets. This is a fundamental requirement for policy, science, industry and the public to rely on the environmental data made available by these Research Infrastructures.

The environmental data together provide a significant opportunity to determine the state of environment and to follow trends and drivers in the development of our Earth system. This way, enabling us to keep a close watch on environmental boundary conditions and informing society stakeholders on short to long-term actions will be of imminent economic value. 


The data offered through the ENVRI-hub will be interoperable across the Earth system disciplines and, therefore, easy to use for interdisciplinary environmental research. Users of the ENVRI-hub will also be able to use the Virtual Research Environments and do their science computing directly inside the hub.

EGI will support the deployment of the ENVRI-hub in the EGI Infrastructure.

EGI Services

The following EGI services will be provided to support ENVRI-hub
Cloud Compute

Cloud Compute allows you to run virtual machines on-demand with complete control over computing resources


EGI Check-in is a proxy service that operates as a central hub to connect federated...

Online Storage

Online Storage allows you to store data in a reliable and high-quality environment and share...

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