EGI COVID-19 support initiatives

Our commitment to support accelerating progress on COVID-19 research

The EGI federation is the largest distributed computing infrastructure for research, and brings together hundreds of data centres worldwide and also includes the largest community cloud federation in Europe with tends of research cloud providers across most of the European countries offering IaaS cloud and storage services. As the coronavirus, and its related consequences, spread across the globe, with this call EGI is committing resources and technical support to accelerate progress on COVID-19 research.

This page lists the currently supported initiatives. If you are a EGI federation member and you would like to promote your efforts through the EGI communications channels please contact:

Supported initiatives

1. EGI fast-track call for COVID-19 research projects

The EGI Federation is calling for projects addressing COVID-19 scientific questions that can benefit from technical enabling support and a large scale compute and storage capacity to accelerate their data analysis tasks, leveraging the capabilities of the EGI Federation, a network of more than 250 data centres worldwide serving data-intensive science.

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 2. WeNMR and the HADDOCK portal

HADDOCK is a WeNMR portal for the modeling of biomolecular complexes. It can support complex simulation projects thanks to the access to large scale research compute facilities in the world. In the context of COVID-19 related research it can, for example, model interaction between virus proteins and human one, or support the docking of small molecules to targets such as the COVID-19 protease. The tool is offered by the Bijvoet Center of the Utrecht University, Netherlands, is supported by the EOSC-hub H2020 project and is accessible through the European Open Science Cloud Portal.

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 3. EOSC-Synergy Galaxy Service

EOSC-synergy is providing a Galaxy portal freely accessible to users and provides (1) data on coronavirae and specially samples from SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) daily updated from the public international databanks, and (2) some key tools for identification of mutations, phylogenetic analysis, sample processing and visualization.

The portal is an open lab for researchers that want to run their experiments without the burden of downloading data and installing tools, with easy tools for sharing data, workflows and results.