EGI Foundation team

Yannick Legré

Managing Director
skype: yannick.legre

Tiziana Ferrari

Technical Director
skype: tizianaferrari

Strategy and Policy Manager
skype: sergio.andreozzi.egi

Technical Outreach Expert
skype: themis.athanassiadou

Chief Finance & Administration Officer
skype: celine.bitoune.egi

Senior Technical Outreach Expert
skype: yin.chen.egi

Communications Manager
skype: sara.coelho.egi

Cloud Technologist
skype: enol.fernandez.egi

Senior Operations Officer
skype: baptiste.grenier.egi

Senior Strategy and Policy Officer
skype: sy.holsinger.egi

Quality and Risk Manager
skype: malgorzata.krakowian.egi

Operations Officer
skype: alessandro.paolini.egi

Strategy and Policy Officer
skype: roberta.piscitelli.egi

Communications Officer
skype: iulia.popescu.egi

Gergely Sipos

Customer and Technical Outreach Manager
skype: gergely.sipos

Technical Outreach Expert
skype: giuseppelarocca

Senior Operations Manager
skype: peter.solagna.egi

Sjomara Specht

Senior Finance and HR Assistant
skype: sjomara.specht.egi

Matthew Viljoen

Senior Operations Officer
skype: matthew.viljoen.egi

Marie-Louise van der Weijde

Senior Administrative Assistant
skype: marie-louise.v.d.weijde.egi

Staff seconded from NGIs

Diego Scardaci

Technical Outreach Expert
skype: dscardaci

Operations Officer
skype: vincenzo.spinoso