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Connecting Data Spaces and innovation: EGI at EBDVF 2023

EBDVF 2023

The EGI team is looking forward to showcasing key projects and initiatives at the upcoming European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) taking place in Valencia, Spain, on 25-27 October. This year, the premier gathering for Europe’s data-driven research and innovation is themed "Data and AI in action: Sustainable impact and future realities." 

The event organised by BDVA welcomes industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers from across Europe and beyond to drive policy actions, industrial development, and research in Data and AI. The programme covers key community topics, offering insights on Trustworthy AI, high-performance computing, and societal implications.

Data Spaces: EU Green Deal and beyond

The development and implementation of Data Spaces is a core theme for this EBDVF 2023, and our initiatives are largely contributing to enriching discussions. The Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) joins EBDVF 2023 as a partner, consolidating its role in fostering data-driven innovation and collaboration. 

Aside from a dedicated DSSC booth, the initiative will host or take part in several sessions, ranging from the EC-led discussion on “Common European Data Spaces and Interoperability” to the highly anticipated “Data Spaces Roadmap and Future Programs”, and more. In addition, EGI Senior Advisor Mark Dietrich is representing DSSC in the conversation “Data Spaces and EOSC” co-organised in collaboration with the EOSC Association.

Speaking of Data Spaces, Mark is also participating in the panel “The bridges between Environmental digital twins and the Green Deal Data space” as part of the GREAT project, which focuses on the establishment of the Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice. He will be joined by Xavier Salazar, EGI Senior Strategy and Innovation Officer, representing the interTwin project on its mission to co-design and prototype an interdisciplinary digital twin engine for research.

Focusing on data innovation with EUHubs4Data

A whole series of sessions is related to Data Innovation Hubs, with a great contribution from the EUHubs4Data Horizon 2020 project. EGI’s Data Solutions Manager Andrea Manzi actively joins the round table on “Practical Perspective of SMEs in Cross-Border Data Driven Experimentation”, and chairs the discussion on “Federation of i-Spaces: The experimentation reference for accelerating Data & AI adoption in Europe”.

EUHubs4Data enables European SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs to access a catalogue of data sources and services via Data Innovation Hubs, fostering cross-border data experimentation and contributing to a global data economy.

Meet EGI at the EBDVF exhibition and across sessions

EGI is also part of the EBDVF exhibition. Visit our booth to discover the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), where our Senior Strategy and Innovation Officer, Elisa Cauhé, will introduce this virtual arena connecting companies and technical service providers for solution testing before investments. The DIH offers diverse advanced computing services to enhance digitalisation and boost productivity for businesses.

We are also looking forward to sharing updates from the DataMite, DIGITbrain, UNLOCK CEI, BD4NRG projects as part of this rich programme, learn more about it on the official website and come meet us in Valencia!

Our contributions

  • EUHubs4Data
    • Andrea Manzi, EGI Data Solutions Manager
    • 25 Oct 10:00-11:00 CEST - Practical Perspective of SMEs in Cross-Border Data Driven Experimentation - presentation
    • 26 Oct 16:45-18:15 CEST - Federation of i-Spaces: The experimentation reference for accelerating Data & AI adoption in Europe - round table chair
  • DataMite
    • 26 Oct 12:15-13:45 CEST - Technologies enabling the data economy
  • Data Space Support Centre DSSC
    • 25 Oct 9:00-10:30 CEST - Common European Data Spaces and Interoperability 
    • 25 Oct 14:30-16:00 CEST - Accelerating Adoption of Data Spaces: From Theory to Practice
    • 26 Oct 14:45-16:15 CEST - Data Spaces Roadmap and Future Programs
    • 27 Oct 9:00-10:00 CEST - Data Spaces and EOSC - Mark Dietrich, EGI Senior Advisor
    • 27 Oct 10:00-11:00 CEST - Data Spaces and Cybersecurity
  • DIGITBrain
    • 26 Oct 14:45-15:45 CEST - Introducing DIGITbrain’s Modular Approach to Digital Twin Development to Multiply the Impact of Solutions in Manufacturing
    • Project booth
  • GREAT and interTwin
  • BD4NRG 
    • 26 Oct 12:15-13:15 CEST - Leveraging on big data management and AI to deploy consumer-centric smart energy systems
    • 25 Oct 9:30-11:00 CEST - Mobility and Transportation: Evolving Value Chains and Market Dynamics in the Computing Continuum