Internal services for the EGI Federation

The EGI internal services are provided for the benefit of the EGI Council members and affiliated organisations.

The internal services complement the EGI Services for academia and business with tools designed to facilitate coordination and improve how the EGI Federation works together.

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EGI Services


Track and report the usage of your services

Operations Coordination and Support

Coordinate activities to ensure seamless operations

Community Coordination

A joint approach to user engagement


Share your successes at a larger scale

Project Management and Planning

A joint approach to planning and management


Your point of contact to ask for support at EGI

Service Monitoring

Monitor the performance of IT services

Validated Software and Repository

Benefit from a repository of high-quality software validated for the EGI infrastructure

Attribute Management

Manage memberships and groups in communities and virtual organisations

Operational Tools

Integrate resources and operations in a federated ecosystem

Security Coordination

Enhance local security for a safer global infrastructure

ITSM Coordination

Ensures professional service management for EGI IT services

Technical Coordination

Progress and innovation through collaboration

Strategy and Policy Development

One federation, one vision, one strategy

Collaboration Tools 

IT tools for better coordination

Check-in BETA

Login with your own credentials

Configuration Database

Manage the configuration information of federated e-infrastructure assets and their functional relations

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