Applications on Demand

Share online applications for your data and compute-intensive research

Applications on Demand combines compute and storage cloud with application-development and hosting frameworks to run custom scientific applications and turn them into online data analysis services available for scientists worldwide.

The service is made for:

  • Application developers who want to make their applications and tools accessible in a scalable way for researchers internationally
  • Algorithm developers who want to run their own codes at scale in a compute cloud
  • Researchers and innovators who want to run scientific applications already available in the platform.

Applications on Demand includes:

  • Cloud compute and storage resources to host and scale up scientific applications
  • Cloud access and application-hosting frameworks to run and to operate your own scientific application in the cloud environment:
    • VMOps dashboard: a graphical environment for the management of Virtual Machines (VM) in the federated network of clouds that enable the ‘Applications on Demand’ service. User documentation is available here.
    • Elastic Cloud Computing Cluster (EC3): a portal that allows the creation of elastic virtual clusters in the cloud. The clusters can then host your scientific application either directly, or via Apache Mesos, Chronos, Kubernetes, Marathon, OSCAR or SLURM. Instructions for application developers are available here.
    • FutureGateway Science Gateway (FGSG): a programmable interface of a RESTful API Server to provide an easy access PaaS layer by leveraging  recent web technologies. Instructions for application developers are available here.

Scientific applications already available in the service:

  • Chipster: a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data
  • NAMD: a parallel molecular dynamics code designed for high-performance simulation of large bio-molecular systems
  • ECAS: a complete environment enabling data analysis experiments from the ENES Climate Analytics Service.

TRL 8 System complete and qualified.

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cloud provider IFCA

The Applications on Demand platform is expanding. If you are developing applications and/or would like to contribute resources to the platform please contact the team to learn how to join.

This work is co-funded by the EOSC-hub project (H2020) under grant number 777536.