Cloud Compute

Run virtual machines on-demand with complete control over computing resources

Cloud Compute gives you the ability to deploy and scale virtual machines on-demand. It offers guaranteed computational resources in a secure and isolated environment with standard API access, without the overhead of managing physical servers.

Cloud Compute offers the possibility to select pre-configured virtual appliances (e.g. CPU, memory, disk, operating system or software) from a catalogue replicated across all EGI cloud providers.

With Cloud Compute you can:

  • Execute compute- and data-intensive workloads (both batch and interactive)
  • Host long-running services (e.g. web servers, databases or applications servers)
  • Create disposable testing and development environments on virtual machines and scale your infrastructure needs
  • Select virtual machine configurations (CPU, memory, disk) and application environments to fit your requirements
  • Manage your Cloud Compute resources in a flexible way with integrated monitoring and accounting capabilities

You can apply for a 6-month pilot access (to try the service, to prototype and validate applications/services), or for specialised access (long-term, more capacity, GPUs, community specific support).

TRL 9 Actual system proven in operational environment.

“EGI Cloud Compute helped us to handle computational demand peaks when new data sets arrived and by that sped up the whole process significantly.” K. Förstner

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This work is co-funded by the EOSC-hub project (H2020) under grant number 777536.