EGI Publications

EGI Federation Annual Report 2020

The annual report 2020 provides an extensive overview of the results that have been achieved through the collaborative efforts in 2020. (PDF)

Joining the EGI Federation

This publication gives an extensive overview of the EGI Federation and enrolling possibilities for new countries and research organisations. (PDF)

EGI Federation Annual Report 2019

The annual report provides insights of developments and highlights on the services, the community, projects, as well as all the activities and the relevant outputs of 2019. (PDF)

EGI support for COVID-19 research

This publication presents an overview of support EGI has offered in the development of COVID-19 research, including three use cases that present which EGI services have contributed. (PDF)

The EOSC Early Adopter Programme

This publication presents the use cases of the EOSC Early Adopter Programme, an initiative of the EOSC-hub project, led by the EGI Foundation. (PDF)

EGI Federation strategy 2020-2024

An overview of the EGI Federation strategy for the upcoming years. (PDF)

EGI Annual Report 2018

An overview of the activities of EGI in 2018, including contribution to projects and a review of the EGI Core Services in 2018, with numbers and metrics. (PDF)

EGI-Engage: Impact & Results

This publication showcases the results of the EGI-Engage project and their impact on science and society. (PDF)

EGI support for Research Infrastructures

A collection of use cases showcasing EGI’s work with research infrastructures. (PDF)

EGI Use Cases

A collection of the best research use cases published in the EGI website. (PDF)

EGI Marketplace service

Expose your services to a broader audience. (PDF)

EGI Service Catalogue

This brochure provides an overview of EGI’s services and examples of how researchers are using them in their daily work. (PDF)

Keeping EGI Secure

EGI CSIRT: Prevention – Response – Training.

A short report about the inner workings of the EGI security team. (PDF)

EGI Check-in service

Secure and user-friendly federated authentication and authorisation. (PDF)

Leaflets and posters

About EGI

EGI delivers advanced computing services to support scientists, multinational projects and research infrastructures. (PDF)

EGI Support for Research

Overview of the support EGI gives to Big Science and researchers (PDF)

EGI Use Cases poster

EGI Services support data- and compute-intensive research across Europe and the world. See a few examples of EGI use cases. (PDF)

EGI: Open for Business

EGI is committed to sharing the benefits of e-Infrastructure technology and services with industry and facilitating and supporting both new business users and developers, especially SMEs. (PDF)

Policy and Technical papers

The Open Science Commons for the European Research Area

How an EOSC built on e-Infrastructures can improve the discovery, retrieval and processing capabilities of Earth Observation data, offering virtualised access to geographically distributed data and the computing necessary to manipulate and manage large volumes. (Full text – Open access)

The EGI Open Data Platform and DataHub

The EGI Open Data Platform and the EGI DataHub, their functionality and how they meet the requirements of EGI end users. (PDF)

Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations

“PolicyCLOUD: Analytics as a Service Facilitating Efficient Data-Driven Public Policy Management” is an EGI-led chapter in the book. (PDF)

The EGI Federated Cloud e-Infrastructure

The EGI Federated Cloud, a standards-based open cloud system that offers a scalable and flexible e-infrastructure to the European research community. (PDF)

ooi: OpenStack OCCI interface

A implementation of the Open Grid Forum’s Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) for OpenStack. (PDF)

The EGI Applications on Demand Service

The EGI Applications on Demand service, designed for individual researchers, small research teams and early phase research infrastructures. (PDF)

Other publications

EGI Strategy 2015-2020

Explores what EGI has to offer, its vision, mission and strategic goals, and defines EGI’s value proposition in terms of target groups, service offering and strategic partnership. The document concludes with an analysis of the five strategic themes that will lead the evolution of EGI in the next five years. (PDF)

E-infrastructures: Making Europe the best place for research and innovation

This booklet, published by the European Commission’s e-Infrastructures Unit, describes how e-Infrastructures contribute to innovation and research. (PDF)

EGI Case Studies

EGI Annual Report  2012–2013

EGI Annual Report 2011-2012

EGI Annual Report 2010-2011

EGI Community Forum 2014 Book of Abstracts

EGI Community Forum 2013 Book of Abstracts

EGI Community Forum 2012 Book of Abstracts

EGI User Forum 2011 Book of Abstracts